Applications of TRT®
Did you know? “For expanding your capacity of universal, unconditional love and compassion, use Front Position #1 combined with Head #2 and #3 and Front #3 for extended times each day in a meditation.”
Applications of TRT®
Did you know? “Consistent and daily use of The Radiance Technique® opens you to the deeper qualities of loving and caring that can from a perspective of wholeness be shared with yourself and others.”
Applications of TRT®
Did you know? “Indeed, the evolutionary process of this new stage of humanity has already begun, and the ancient, Universal wisdom embodied within TRT® has re-emerged as a transformative tool for energy balancing, for natural healing, for wholing, and for creating peace, joy and love, and, ultimately for achieving higher Consciousness and Enlightenment.”
Feb 1 - Feb 29

High Noon Networking

High Noon Networking
Mar 1 - Mar 31
High Noon Networking
Apr 1 - Apr 30
Historical Perspectives on The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®
The term “rei‐ki”
TRTIA Mission & Purposes
TRTIA is a non-profit organisation which protects and preserves the intact science of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®.