Applications of TRT®
Did you know? "The constant stress and daily pressures typical of modern life often result in our being increasingly alienated from natural healing energies. By using TRT® in your life, you will gradually be able to regain your energy balance.”
Applications of TRT®
Did you know? "The Radiance Technique® hands-on application balances you and supports your clarity of communication. To deepen your conscious and loving communication, spend extra time with your hands on your Heart Center as you speak and interact with others.”
Applications of TRT®
Did you know? "You can use The Radiance Technique® anytime during each day’s journey for restoring balance and harmonious resonance within your body-emotion-mind-spirit dynamic.”
May 1 - May 31

High Noon Networking

High Noon Networking
Jun 1 - Jun 30
TRTIA Online Meeting - Celebrating TRTIA's 44th Birthday!
From 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Historical Perspectives on The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®
The term “rei‐ki”
TRTIA Mission & Purposes
TRTIA is a non-profit organisation which protects and preserves the intact science of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®.